VIDEO: Young lady crying because she is too beautiful, 2baba reacts

A video of a young lady crying because she believes she is too beautiful has gone viral online. Nigerian singer, 2baba, shared the video on his Instagram and stated that he admired the girl for having a positive spirit.

A young Nigerian lady has many social media users cracking hard with laughter after she shared and emotional video for her crying because she believes she is too beautiful. The unidentified lady can be seen crying her eyes out simply because she is believes she is overwhelmingly beautiful.

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In this social media age where self-love is a way to prevent oneself from falling into depression, this young lady brings a whole new meaning to self-confidence. In the clip she can be heard screaming “I am too fine! Nothing anyone will say will make me change my mind.”

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Her unusual outburst has gone viral and even gotten the attention of 2baba who sees as a positive spirited person who will not let the troubles of life take away how great she feels about herself.


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