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VIDEO: Rahimi Jay Speech Before He Quit Music

The Popular Maiduguri Artist Rahimi Jay Evacuate Music, The artiste made this known on his facebook page. On a report reaching Micnaij, we noticed that the artist also said all his content on social platform has been deleted and send a serious warning to the public that no one should call him Rahimi Jay again.

Rahimi Jay said “Assalamu’alaikum!!!

I was a rapper (Musician) a victim of the western world, I’ve finally realised that I was on the wrong path through out all this year’s…

So, I made taubah after a friend of mine told me that it’s haram and he also mentioned the punishment of a person who’s amusement is to pleased shaytaan (Music)…

I deleted all my social media accounts and also deleted all the video’s under my YouTube channel but one thing that borders me is, some people are yet to realized that. So, here’s a video of me explaining EVERYTHING!!!”

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