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Upcoming Singer Asino Shared His Knacking Experience With His Ex

The Nigeria Upcoming Artist Asino Has Shared His Knacking Experience With His Ex Ella who also sing with him.

Asino is well known with his afro style in Maiduguri, the upcoming artist asino has been in serious relationship with Ella since 2014.

Their relationship was one of a kind that most artist from the same region get envy for them, they had a lovely moment together the bad news is that they both separated recently.

Asino has dropped a truth or dare messages for fans to ask him questions, and he was asked from his fans when last he had knack Ella his Ex? Asino been an upcoming artist was shocked and had a little fear of saying it but knowing it’s a game of truth or dare he opened up saying “she is good, clean amazing and loving” with this reply this two must have enjoyed each other on bed..

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