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Top 6 Richest Kids In Nigeria in Lockdown Period

#1. Junior Mompha

Junior Mompha was born Muhammed Lawal Mustapha and is the son of businessman Mompha. He is the heir to his fathers wealth and is estimated to be worth N150 Million.


#2. Ahmed Star Boy

Ahmed Star Boy has made a name for himself as a talented rapper at his tender age. He rubs shoulders with the likes of Wizkid as he is estimated to be worth N65 Million.

#3. DJ Young Money

DJ Young Money is a young DJ who is going places. He has an estimated net worth of N 61 Million.

#4. Emmanuella

Emmanuella is the star actress of Mark Angel Comedy and she is worth N60 Million.

#5. Aunty Success

Aunty Success is the cousin to Mark Angel and Emmanuella Samuel. She stars in the Mark Angel Comedy series and is worth N32 million.

#6. Amarachi Uyanne

Amarachi Uyanne is estimateed to be worth N10 Million. She is a model,dancer and a singer.

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