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Top 10 Kannywood Actors Who Didn’t Support #ENDSARS

The youths of Nigeria are extremely unite in the recent days of this protest, the End SARS protest which gain global recognition in the world has become one of the biggest challenge for the government.

Earlier before the protest, some men of God has revealed it as a revolution for the Nigerian youths while some has revoke the idea.

In the Entertainment industry in Nigeria, the Northern part is always different with it’s operational ways or dimensional ways.

Most of the Northern Nigeria Celebrities has disagreed on the End Sars protest, while some are seriously mobilizing youths on the engagement of End Sars.

Below are the list of the Northern Celebrities Who Didn’t Support The Motion of End Sars In Nigeria.

  1. Rahama Sadau
  2. Ali Nuhu
  3. Maryam Yahaya
  4. Maryam Booth
  5. DJ AB
  6. Classiq
  7. Hadiza Aliyu
  8. Madam Korede
  9. Sarah Aloysius
  10. Ali Jita

The above mentioned, are the celebrities who have not said anything against the END Sars an are suspected to have the side of the SARS in Nigeria, the list can change because the protest is seriously getting more people engaged and with no doubts the above mentioned can change their mind.

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