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Starbucks coffee shops opening in Cape Town

Starbucks is expanding its stores across different cities in South Africa, and now the coffeehouse chain will be opening new stores in Cape Town.

“The Cape Town stores will offer an experience consistent with the values and store atmosphere that Starbucks is known for globally, designed to reflect the most beautiful city of them all,” said Adrian Maizey, owner and CEO of Rand Capital Coffee, the custodian of Starbucks in Southern Africa.

The first Starbucks store in Cape Town will be open around mid-November in Canal Walk, per Netwerk24.

According to Maizey, the launch in Cape Town was originally planned for June 2020 but due to the pandemic plans had to be placed on hold.

“Starbucks’ launch into Cape Town was initially intended to happen in June. When Covid-19 hit we had to place the initiative on hold, triggering several hard decisions that impacted all partners, and a mass round of lease renegotiations across the country.

Starbucks currently has stores in different cities across the country in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, while the upcoming Cape Town stores will add to an already existing 16 stores.

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