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Reasons Why YDee Nas And One Boi Got Separated

The Entertainment Industry Changes When You Find New Coach, But What Happens When your coach is also a blogger.

The story of YDee Nas and One Boi is painful story, why is painful is because of the word “Get Rich Quicker”. YDee Nas And One Boi are talented singer in Maiduguri, they’re well know to be acting like twice. YDee Nas do the rapping while One Boi Jams to The Chorus, but something happened one day when their coach travelled to meet one of the popular Hausa Rapper BOC Madaki.

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Getting to meet BOC Madaki made their coach stayed up to a two months, the coach getting back to Maiduguri had the secret news that YDee Nas and One Boi are no more together because of the new artistes that’s in town called ” Cool Abdul” according to One Boi, Cool Abdul promised to take YDee Nas to Lagos for a music productions and YDee Nas felt is a better way out than waiting on his Coach to arrive, that made him to take his way off the coach and his mate singer.

When the coach had the news, he felt so disappointed and promised to promote One Boi.

One Boi emotionally stop singing because of the incident in the label, that was when the coach realised that One Boi can’t do music without YDee Nas.

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The Coach promised to help him further his education, the coach helped him in getting admission into Islamic department but One Boi rejected the offer.

The whole stories was true life story, the coach is MICNAIJ.

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