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Morell Is A G.O.A.T In The Entire North Side

Morell Is A G.O.A.T In The Entire North Side

Nigeria Singer Morell has been ongoing a great hype on his current song ANGO, in the North Nigeria Music Industry Morell Is Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T)

Morell Is a one man squad, it’s been recorded that morell is the first North Artist to sing with olamide on a song titled Anti Social which went viral in 2013.

Morell do music with no competiton on his mindset, according to his manager on a report to Micnaij Morell has been engaged with many humanitarian work that he wishes not to expose online.

Morell Is a one man squad and still is flowing in the industry, come to think of other artist from the north like DJ AB who has his own crew members.

Morell song on Apple Store Ango has HIT 1million streams, you can go stream or get the song here or click here

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