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Key Facts That Shows Maiduguri Music Artistes “Might Never Blow” In The Industry

Key Facts That Shows Maiduguri Music Artistes “Might Never Blow” In The Industry, the music industry is changing worldwide.

According to Micnaij you don’t do music to get praises but you do that to pass information both in educational aspects, religious, world life and nature.


This has been the major factor affecting Maiduguri artistes. Most of the music artistes use laptop to record a song, no microphone to filter voice, everything will look as bad like an old woman shouting. They hardly admit that they have money to enter studio for a good quality sound so that quality production will augment for your husky voices. While some who are good don’t want to pay for good studio production, so they patronize their friends who have little or no idea at all in music production.


This has been another major challenge on their production as they mostly use lack of money as an excuse to jump on free beats. I as a person don’t know how to sing, I used to be a drummer but I have ears for good music. You can’t go online, download an instrumental, and expect it to rhyme with an already written lyrics. At times I go to some events, and you hear two music artistes with same instrumental but different whack lines.


Artistes in Maiduguri hardly go to studio to take good pictures and patronize good graphics designers. I Know much/how important graphics are to effect public attraction and as a digital marketer, i know the importance of Social media to help sell your crafts. Some artistes can be as annoying as to repeating a similar low quality pictures over and over again for years. The sacrifices you make to add value to your talent is what makes up your SUCCESS STORY. Entertainment seems so easy but the hardest of all industries as you get little or nothing but so much is expected of you from your fans.


Apart from the aspect of production, management is another problem. Most Maiduguri artistes own personal record label (self manager). This makes everything cumbersome for them, as it results to lack of funding. But I blame most of the Maiduguri artistes who have gone far since last 10 years (Morell and the rest) they should have created a platform for the talent in their immediate environment. Don’t forget charity begins at home. And again I weep for those who signed some lame record label contracts yet footing all bills. Wise up.


This is clear, we all know repetition of lyrics/line is common among artistes but when we talk of Maiduguri artistes hmm!. They don’t spend time to create good lyrics, I was told what “some” do is check lyrics online, make little amendments and voice it, this makes us tired of the same pattern of songs every time. Even, these days they only hype or sing for politicians forgetting their crippled fan base. Those politicians can only give you help or listening ears if they have seen or heard your works, so why not go back to your drawing board and put in more effort in all angles.


Yes! I must say this has caused more negative effect than those mentioned above, as we know media have the power to make a black goat look like white, I.e even if the song is not that good, social media can package it and promote it to the wider world, though it depends on how much one invests. How can this be even made possible when Maiduguri artists have poor social media presence. Some of them don’t have more than 2,000 active followers on Instagram or twitter but having pride in over 5,000 area boys/girls who will not give positive criticism to their talents. The Reekado Banks VS Lilkesh headies awards saga on 1st Jan 2016 should be an eye opener.


This is a pin in the ass. Maiduguri have limited show organisers who cannot do it all as putting up “an organized event/show” is not an easy task as most persons make it look; from idea creation,to awareness, to renting good halls,to decorations, to bouncers and secretaries, to refreshments, to getting good sound,to logistics and even post event planning.I am a proud event planner and on 3 occasions I have tried bringing notable musical artistes from Lagos but the charges skyrocketed because of the red flag on Maiduguri which is caused by the ongoing insurgency. Again,artistes here think organising a show is solely the job of MCs and comedians. You can organize a listening party, album lunch,rap battles,music competitions etc as this will constantly register your face in the minds of your countless fans. Nobody cares about how far with your career but how well. People don’t care about reasons but results. Get this into your heads.


This is as a result of the lack of passion for music from the on set. They have this feeling of “will people like my song?”, ” will they support me “?, ” Am I giving them what they want ,when they want and where they want”. They easily get discouraged when they don’t get applause after a performance or don’t get admiration from the opposite sex. Let your personal convictions lead you.


This is evident among Maiduguri artistes as they can’t clearly differentiate between packaging and pride. What made Lagos unbeatable in terms of entertainment, is because of how they attend their colleagues shows as if they are paid millions. They scratch each other’s back having in mind that entertainment industry is wide enough to accommodate all that stays true to his/her craft. It’s not bad that show organisers who in some cases are your colleagues consider your welfare, but it shouldn’t be pronounced for starters as we are all struggling to give entertainment a meaning from this side of the country.


Maiduguri upcoming artistes will never invest up to 10k for production, promotion, etc.Let me put it this way; that is if they pay for work, free beat downloaded for 5mb, voice at a friend’s place with laptop and give him 500naira, then they use android app to write their names and songs title on picture, and start sending to friends via Bluetoothor xender transfer or using datafilehost to generate download link, but they never know that blogger’s traffic sell more than your personal friend. Since they spend less in getting a track, they believe they don’t need to spend more to promote it, they will say “Why Will I Pay You 3k To Upload My Song, How Much Did I Produce It? ” they will forever be looking for free stuffs which never last.They hardly share the link to their own song. They spend time talking rather than working.


I have been an hypeman for a number of years. I hype every artistes I see in clubs or shows to give them that sense of relevance, but it pains me to know Maiduguri music artistes find it difficult to “tip” a DJ to slot their songs while playing at shows, clubs or other gatherings. I am planning for a mixtape by Maiduguri artistes but yet you hardly hear these songs being played anywhere to attract attention. You see places like Command Guest House, Pinnacle hotels, and NAF mess(although I go there on invites), have organized guests/environment on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and its a good place where people can have a good feel of your songs apart from the limited shows.
This piece is not aimed at throwing shades at anyone as we all are struggling to get a footing in this wide industry. But, if we must make headways,we should all seat back and reflect without sentiments on the above mentioned issues and redress.

Written By MC Styno..

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