TPR OPINION: How long will Nigeria’s COVID-19 lockdown last?

Written by Our Correspondent

President Buhari made the call, and took full responsibility for it: Non-essential workers across the state are to stay home, and all of us are to avoid all outdoor group activities.

It’s a decisive response to the drastic rise in local coronavirus cases, a bid to minimize transmission so as to keep hospitals and the rest of the health care system from being overwhelmed.

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The Popcorn Room needs the masses opinion But how long will it last? Can we find some strategy other than so drastic a limit on New Nigerians’ liberties?

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We appreciate Awka Ibom Govt’s refusal to call it “shelter in place,” something he’s been pooh-poohing for days now, but this amounts to nearly the same thing — it’s OK to leave the house for exercise, but don’t get caught playing basketball. (Is tennis OK?) Was it really just one day’s data on infections — a number boosted mainly by the ramp up in testing — that changed his mind, or was he finding it impossible?

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