Hilariously Different Versions of ‘Girls Night’ out Together

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A selfie is worth a thousand words — especially when you can learn something about the person who posted it.

That’s what Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow proved when they shared vastly different selfies of themselves with Jennifer Aniston while the three former “Friends” co-stars had a “girls night” together over the weekend.

Kudrow decided to be more of a traditionalist and posted a nice, flattering photo of the three of them.

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She also had a clever caption to boot:

“Halfway there …” she wrote, most likely referencing the absence of their three male co-stars — David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry – Ross, Joey and Chandler respectively.

Cox, on the other hand, took a more kooky approach and posted this selfie.

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She also posted an equally quirky caption: “Trying to figure out what to say on Instagram….#gotnothing #friends #girlsnight,” Cox wrote.

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And we have no idea if Aniston, who cherishes her privacy, posted anything because she does not have a public Instagram account.

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