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COVID-19: Students Will Be In Trouble When School Resumes, See Reasons

If school resume, Students are in trouble, it’s culture among teachers to do this in Nigeria.

When school resumes, students will see Assignments like this from different teachers with different subjects.

See Below:

English teacher: Write an essay on Corona virus

Maths teacher: if corona virus is COVID-19 then find the probability COVID-18 and COVID-20 are both viruses.

Biology teacher: Define Corona Virus and state two ways of avoiding it.

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Social Studies: According to SLBC” Corona virus originated from__________

Chemistry teacher: What is the empirical formula for Corona virus. Write the chemical formula forge reaction of COVID-19
with 5G

Agric teacher: How did you manage to eat during the lockdown against spread of Corona Virus?

Physics teacher: If Corona virus pandemic broke out in 2020
then what is the atomic mass lost from COVID-20 to describe it as COVID-19?

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Fine art teacher : draw corona virus in your drawing book

Music teacher : How many people composed music using corona virus and what were the keys and time signatures

Literature teacher: Which figure of speech is the statement “corona virus, the pandemic that changed the world”

Economics teacher:
Draw a curve to show how the rise of corona led to increase in demand for hand sanitizers and face masks

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 Accounting Teacher: How much was donated to fight COVID-19, how much was spent and how much is remaining

History teacher: COVID-19 started in which year…….

Geography teacher : Describe with the use of map, the country where corona virus originated.

Don’t forget to make comments below, good luck with our assignment.


Written By Micnaij

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