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Coronavirus In Nigeria, All Na Scam – Reply As A Sensible Nigerian (Best Reply Wins)



Hi Guys,
In recent times, I often hear this statement from people that COVID-19 is not real and that government is just using it to make money.

Even people that are well educated have joined the league of people saying “Coronavirus Is Not In Nigeria“.

These people seem not to be convinced that this pandemic disease is in Nigeria and everything the government and NCDC are doing is all scam.

Imagine having a COVID conversation with somebody and the person said, Coronavirus is not real, what will be your response to the person?



  1. Becky

    20, May 2020 at 16

    Corona na scam

  2. Favour

    20, May 2020 at 17

    Nigeria is a scam not only covid19

  3. Jblings

    20, May 2020 at 19

    Madagascar asks Nigeria to pay €170,000 for COVID-19 herbal remedy Why the shit

  4. Jafida

    21, May 2020 at 30

    This is not true. There are people I know as family friends dat ve been affected. Please stay safe

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