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Boko Haram: Deputy Governor Donated Vehicles To Pemi Village, Food Stuffs and Support Lost Families In Borno

Good leaders are like candles they burn themselves up to give others light, Deputy Governor of Borno State, His Excellency Umar Kadafur Usman has commiserate with Pemi village on Tuesday, Chibok Local Government Areas in Borno state.

Recently, Boko Haram members has heavily attacked the pemi village and took away their vehicles, destroyed houses, abducted one pastor and priest’s daughter on Saturday night.

Following the recent attack, Deputy Governor has shown concern towards the recently attack in the pemi village on Tuesday, deputy governor donated one hilux for the fight against the insurgency in pemi, and to the seven 7 people that lost their family in the recently attack 200,000 was given to each of the families while 11 families that lost their loved ones received 1,100,000 million naira.

Deputy Governor, accompanied by Senator Ali Ndume Borno South said “today made it 11 years of insurgency in Borno state, am very proud of the pemi village with their oneness spirit on the fight against insurgency but you can’t defeat the boko haram while you’re not well equipped for the task in fight against insurgency, Sen. Ali Ndume donated one million naira to the Pemi village in the fight against insurgency.

If any problem is concerned with pemi village, you said I should inform you and I was very impressed when you were told on our securities issues, I must commend you for having us in your mind said Chibok Chairman.

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Spoke person ” We really appreciate the efforts and endless help rendered always by the Deputy Governor of Borno state, we the people of pemi we always fight the boko haram with axe because we don’t have guns or any heavy weapon and during our combat with the boko haram members it usually take 15 minutes and they will retreat back”.

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