Biodun Okeowo admits acting does not pay her bills

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Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo has admitted acting does not pay her bills. Biodun made the revelation while advising upcoming actresses on her instagram page admitting acting never pays most of their bills, but their businesses do. Her’s what the mo of two teens noted down for them;

”Many times I have been asked if acting is what pays my bills, I’m here to tell you the truth!! It is not.

The money most of us collect is not enough to foot all our bills, especially those of us with huge responsibilities, reason some of us started paying attention to businesses years ago. That is why someone like me have done less movies and focused more on businesses that is more profitable.

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Acting will give you name, recognition, often more access and in some cases very supportive fans. My advice is as you come into this industry or continue in this job, have a legitimate side business, build quality relationships, become a serious minded business woman and expect less from any man.

I have had people talk about men making women in the industry rich and I wonder what man can make you rich and help you sustain wealth like a business will do.

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So my advice again, focus on yourself building legitimate businesses, all the rest will just be an addition. If you are lucky to meet a man who adds more to your wealth, all well and good, please grab it with both hands. There’s nothing wrong with addition, ogun subtraction ni ka ma ri (may we not encounter subtraction IJN)…”

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