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6 signs you are dating a gold digger

Firstly, let tell you who a gold digger is a person who forms relationships with others purely to extract money from them, in particular a woman who strives to marry a wealthy man.

The world is changing with the way of looting money from others in the name of relationship, only the experienced ones will understand the pains when you’re dating the wrong person with all your heart.

The days you wonder how you landed up having such a hot and amazing partner, you need to check if it s your love or dough that they are aiming for. It s not difficult to come across gold diggers if you are earning enough and there s no gender bias. You ll find equal numbers of male and female gold diggers. So in a relationship, rely on your gut instinct and watch out for these signs that indicate you might be dating a gold digger: Also Read – Quarantine romance: Video dating in the time of COVID-19 pandemic

First date conversations: These aren t like normal date conversations where you get to know each other or your hobbies or what you do in free time. They ll keep discussing finances, how difficult it is to survive without the moolah, ask you how much do you spend or make in a month. Some even go bragging about how the love high-end brands and luxury, if only they could afford it. Read: 8 questions you must ask on a first date. Also Read – This dating app uses DNA to find your true love

Not serious about career:
S/he works but only for the sake of it. They don t dream about professional growth and are not serious regarding their job. They are happy with whatever little they make that works like pocket money for them. Their tastes are the Richie-rich types and they might even own a few such items but they ll usually be gifts because their income doesn t prove they can afford it ever. For the other wants and luxurious expenses, they are on a look out for someone like you.

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Who takes the bill: Is that even a question? She usually doesn t carry a wallet or forgets her credit card when you are out shopping. In the case of men, they spend on you initially and then take it all out of you with high-interest rates. She even asks you to recharge her phone or pay some other bills showing an emergency situation. Isn t this proof enough that s/he is a gold digger, especially if they aren t paying you back for the amount you ve spent on them?

Apologies equal gifts: If an expensive gift, a luxurious holiday or a fine-dine dinner date is what it requires to please your partner instead of a heartfelt apology, that s the red flag. It s surprising how they forget what you fought about the moment they see that branded watch or bag. Read: Body cues to watch out for on a date.

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Mood changes: The days you give them what they want, you are a rock star and the love of their life. On other days when you need them to just be around or talk your heart out, they d rather be making better plans with their other richie-rich friends. In the case of male gold diggers, they ll pamper you when you are down and try and extract money out of you to get some flowers, gifts for you so they can sneak in some cash out of it. Read: 6 warning signs you are being cheated.

The crocodile tears: The only time your partner gets emotional is when they want to extract more money from you. They suddenly have a landlord who harasses them or a loan instalment they can t afford. Their tears or tension is only so that the love-struck you melts and offers the bank and debit card passwords to them. They ll even keep saying how guilty they feel for making you spend and soon you will do better and repay everything. Well, before that day comes, they ll be off digging gold in better pastures.

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