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5 signs that someone loves you more than just a friend



When they are willing and ready to leave the friend-zone, here are the signs you will see.

People catch feelings all the time. All you need is proximity, any form of steady communication and the recipe is complete for someone to become really drawn to another who may or may not have such feelings for them.

This is particularly rife in friendships between people of opposite sex. A man and a woman are friends, or maybe colleagues or acquaintances of some form. They have a good rapport, sometimes just occasional banter might be enough to trigger those feelings… somehow one person catches feelings and soon enough, it will begin to show.

Here are the signs that always give them up:

  1. How they talk to you

One top sign of this is the way they talk to you. They’ll want increased communication. More calls, more texts.

They’ll become gentler, more concerned and seek ways to get more intimate conversations with you.

All you need is proximity, any form of steady communication and someone will definitely catch feelings.
All you need is proximity, any form of steady communication and someone will definitely catch feelings.
2. Their jealousy starts to show

This is another way to know a friend may have started catching feelings for you. Once a person starts showing signs of jealousy or other subtle forms of aggression when you are speaking with someone else of the opposite sex, it is a sign that they have begun to personalize you in their minds.

  1. Entitlement
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If he or she loves you more than a friend, she’d want to know where you are, who you’re with, what you’re doing and all that.

They may not be direct with asking but in subtle, low-key ways, they start to become entitled to certain exclusive privileges; they’d hope to be treated differently from everyone else. Something which mirrors the pedestal they’ve placed you on in their own hearts.

They start texting you more, calling more.
They start texting you more, calling more.
4. People will start to notice

You may not see it, but people will. And once they start to tell you that someone actually likes, you, as in like, like… chances are they actually do.

No smoke without fire, people. There’s really no smoke without fire most of the time.

  1. They’re trying more one on one hangouts

If he likes you more than a friend, he’s going to want to hang out with you alone more than he hangs out with you in groups.

So if he’s asking you to plans that would just be the two of you alone, or he’s always trying to get you away from a group and into a one on one hangout, it’s a very good sign that he’s interested in you and wants to be more than friends.


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