CAC organises a send off party for Ambassador Demola Seriki as Ambassador to Spain

Former Minister of State for Defence and Chairman of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Ademola ‘Demola’ Seriki is now receiving his due.

Seriki is married to Mrs Sholape and has a legal background in business law. He is an experienced lawyer, international programme and IT project management consultant, and inspirational and motivational speaker.

For the past 19 years, she has effectively managed big change programs and capacity building projects from conception to completion, as well as effectively offered value-added services to a variety of clients.

In Public service environments and Donor Agencies ( African Development Bank, World Bank, United Nations Development Program and DFID), I have gained thorough knowledge of Nigerian government bureaucratic and political processes; understanding of the needs of key stakeholder’s which has enabled project approvals, successful operations and project deliverables, by skillful management of critical stakeholders expectations.

She has maintained cordial relationships with major and senior government stakeholders in Nigeria over the years, in both a professional and personal capacity, at both the national and state levels.

They are blessed with two children.

Six months after their nominations and Senate screening, he and a number of others have been confirmed for ambassadorial postings. Seriki will be a non-career ambassador in Spain, representing Nigeria.

Demola Seriki’s public service career is worthy of reflection. Against all odds, a figure long thought to be retired and uninterested in Nigerian politics has resurfaced.

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But his years of loyal service have proven all of those estimates incorrect, and his appointment as Nigeria’s top ambassador in Spain is highly merited.

Seriki’s highest office before to being named CAC chairman was that of Minister of State for Defense, which he held from 2008 and 2009.

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