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Bayelsa task force impounds 34 cows over anti-open grazing law

The cows were impounded around the Bayelsa Palm area of Yenagoa by Bayelsa State Livestock Management Committee (BSLMC) on Monday, June 7, over alleged violation of the state’s anti-open grazing law.

Speaking on the development, the Chairman of BSLMC and Commissioner for Agriculture in the state, David Alagoa, stated that some of the cows were spotted grazing on farmlands.

He said the committee would follow the anti-open grazing law strictly and declared that the impounded cows would remain in custody until necessary fees were paid before their release.

“Over time, the communities around Bayelsa Palm have become open fields for the cows because they are moving them and trekking them around the area. Besides, there is also a movement by trekking from Bayelsa Palm to the Swali slaughter and that tends to happen about 1am,” he stated.

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“So they chose a very convenient time when nobody is around to monitor them. We have been monitoring their movement over time and we decided to do a surprise hit; that is why you see that behind us, at the end of this road is Bayelsa Palm Estate and we were able to impound 34 cows last night. We are going to follow the law. The law states that when we impound, there is also a fee to be paid in that process. We are going to follow the law.”

On his part, the Special Adviser on Security to the Governor, Agberebi Akpoebi, said the committee was working in synergy with its local government components to see that the anti-open grazing law in the state is fully enforced.

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