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I won’t be surprised if bandits ambush the president – Apostle Kure

Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure of the Vision Pioneer Throneroom (Trust) Ministry, Kafanchan, Kaduna State has stated that with the heightening insecurity in the country, he will not be surprised if President Muhammadu Buhari himself is ambushed by bandits.

According to Apostle Emmanuel, if the bandits could attack governors, then the president should not think he is free.

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He made the statement in an interview with journalists, where he noted that the Constitution review committee across the geopolitical zones in the country is meant to shift attention from insecurity.

He continued that there is nothing the people are yearning for other than the protection of their lives and property, and urged the government to tackle insecurity in the land without further delay.

“Bandits have attacked Governors only the President have not been attacked and he should not think he’s free because some of these bandits are getting bolder by the day. I won’t be surprised if there is news report one day that the President has been ambushed because his ransom will be bigger, the whole of Nigeria will pay that ransom.

“Is that what they are waiting for? Is a shame that our country has come as low as this now that men begged Government for their lives is a shame. There is no greater attack on human dignity than this. The Government need to do something so that we’ll begin to think whether they’re the right Government or not but for now is our security that we want.

“I have already told you that the government is bringing Constitution review to distract us from the real issues that are disturbing us as a country. So, if they said Constitution review is a hoax I agree with them totally, I don’t have confidence on the Constitutional review but that does not stop the government from proving 99 per cent of Nigerians wrong.

“The one per cent that they’ve bribed they can put them in their pocket let them clap for them but the 99 per cent is our hunger and security that concerns us now. How many people can afford air ticket? Now, you can’t travel by road, I don’t know how many times you travel by air but right now all the Flights including the local flights are overbooked even though the poor man now gathers money to fly because that is the only way he’s guaranteed at arriving at the other bus-stop alive, even at the bus-stop you need to say the Lord’s prayer. what kind of a nation is this? There is despair in the air the Government must know that Nigerians are living in fear of the Government, fear of themselves and fear of lawlessness.

“If the Government cannot secure us we beg them to resign or all of them to step down, to put an interim Government that can help us find our way back because this constitutional review is not helping us to find our way back, it is just a distraction from the real things that are disturbing us. Let them start a new programme that is going to solve these problems, then we’ll take what they’re doing seriously.

“If there is a word better than hoax that word should be used, this is just a distraction so that we can remove our eyes from the IPOB challenge, Oduduwa challenge, Zamfara, Borno, Niger, Bauchi so call bandits threats and the general Fulani Herdsmen challenge that’s what they’re doing to distract us. Let them solve what is Killing us, constitution is not killing us for now is our hunger and let us be sure there is security for us tomorrow.

“Because as it is now you’re not sure if you will see tomorrow whether you’re poor or rich, these bandits are taking both the poor and the rich.

“Half of the North cannot go to farm this year because of insecurity, if you try that you will get kidnapped. The truth is that Government must start storing food and should not play politics with it.

“The hunger that’s coming is going to be a big problem. I am already feeling the weight because people are always coming begging for food. Almost every week I have a thief that try to disguise as something else to collect money from us, that is what Nigeria has become and you can’t blame the thief.

“The Government seems to have no any solution. I won’t tell you a lie, sometimes I am afraid to talk, people have already started cursing the government, and something has to happen very fast if the government continues to pretend to be oblivious, disconnected with our pains, it has to happen and I am talking as a Priest and there is a spirit trend that’s listening to me, it has to happen, the nation is in despair and nobody is doing anything about it, everybody is leaving it to chance, whose chance, somebody has to do something either from the Presidency or outside the Presidency even if it will cause him his position in the government but somebody must take a risk and stop this nonsense”.

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