Juventus ace Cristiano Ronaldo banned from cooking and changing light bulbs in luxurious Turin villa by girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is not allowed to change the light bulbs in his luxurious Turin villa in case he injures himself.

That’s according to his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, who also admits she does simple chores like cooking around the house.

Ronaldo is not allowed to change light bulbs in his Turin villa
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The couple have been together for five years after meeting in June 2016 while Rodriguez was a £250-a-week shop assistant.

Now, the pair live in Turin after the 36-year-old’s lucrative move to Juve in the summer of 2018 in a villa which includes a home gym, six bedrooms and a swimming pool.

However, the luxury high ceilings are left well alone by the Portugal captain for fears he could INJURE himself.

“Cristiano is a super dad and the best husband I could dream of,” she told Sportweek. “But he doesn’t cook.

Rodriguez (L) poses with fiancee Ronaldo and his mother Dolores (R)
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“After training all morning, he deserves to find a good plate of hot food prepared with love at the table.

“We have a chef and sometimes I cook.

“And changing a light bulb in our house is impossible, we have such high ceilings. If you were Cristiano Ronaldo, would you change a light bulb nearly 20 foot above the ground?

“Better not. Take care of yourself and dedicate yourself to being the best at what you do. I’ll take care of the rest. I make it all work out. I like to take care of my home and my family.”

The pair share a child together, while Ronaldo has three previous children from before meeting Rodriguez.

The former Manchester United forward has an incredible 91 goals in 118 games for Juve since leaving Real Madrid, winning two Serie A titles in the process.

They sit ten points off Serie A leaders Inter Milan – albeit with a game in hand – with their streak of nine titles in a row at risk of being snapped following the weekend’s draw against Verona.

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