Daniel Cormier says Jon Jones doesn’t have the power to KO anyone in UFC heavyweight division

Jon Jones has been training for his heavyweight debut for months now and the progress is really showing.

Now 33, Bones has dominated the UFC’s light-heavyweight division since 2008 and is in the conversation for best fighter ever.

Jon Jones looks set to face the winner of Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou in his heavyweight debut
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There’s a couple of asterisk with that claim in the form of a failed drugs tests, one that overturned his second victory over Daniel Cormier to a no contest.

Jones is finally embarking on a run at heavyweight and will look to add his name to a very short list of fighters who can say they’ve been a champion in two divisions in the UFC.

Cormier is one of those names and during his show with journalist Ariel Helwani, DC asserted that Jones doesn’t have the power to knockout heavyweight fighters and that will become a problem for him.

Jones defeated Cormier in 2015 in their first light-heavyweight title meeting
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“Jon Jones will not knockout anyone at heavyweight. He doesn’t hit hard enough,” explained Cormier. “If he couldn’t knock these dudes out at 205-pounds, he’s not knocking these heavyweights out.

“It doesn’t matter if you put on weight, it still takes punching power. Why do you think Derrick Lewis can lose 30lbs, see how much leaner he is, and still knock people out? It takes power, it’s not just weight. There’s people at heavyweight who can’t knock people out.

“I’m telling you from experience, Jones doesn’t punch very hard. Kicks very hard. Knees very hard, but his punches… that’s going to be an issue for him once he faces the heavyweights because they know. They know he wasn’t knocking those guys out at 205 so they’re going to be more willing to walk him down.”

Jones (left) and Cormier (right) had one of the most heated rivalries in UFC history
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Jones has 10 KOs from his 26 victories, but he’s never really been a one-punch stopper. He’s just so technically efficient and his fighting IQ is so much higher than everyone else that he grinds people down.

Couple that with an amazing gas tank and Jones is a problem for every single style out there.

Nobody has found the answer to defeating Jones yet, but will heavyweight be his undoing? It’s likely he’ll face the winner of Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou at UFC 260.

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