Arsenal ‘don’t get enough praise’ and Mikel Arteta is ‘third-best manager in the Premier League after Guardiola and Klopp’ – Gunners fan stuns talkSPORT hosts

talkSPORT hosts Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy were left utterly baffled by a fan’s suggestion Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is the THIRD-BEST coach in the Premier League.

Khaled the Gooner joined Monday’s Sports Bar to give the duo a piece of his mind, insisting his beloved team ‘don’t get enough credit’… despite being tenth in the table.

Arteta has recently been linked with a move to take over at Barcelona
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But the hosts were left speechless by his bold claim that only Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp are above Arteta, following his links with the Barcelona job.

Arsenal claimed just their 11th win of the season on Sunday as they beat top-four challengers Leicester City 3-1 at the King Power Stadium.

It was a great win for the north London side, but when the result means you climb up one place from 11th to tenth, there’s not a great deal to celebrate, is there?

Well, it seems the jubilation went to this Arsenal fan’s head, and led to not only a ruthless dressing down from Goldstein and Cundy, but also a Numpty of the Week nomination on the talkSPORT Breakfast.

That may seem a bit harsh, but you haven’t seen his argument… which didn’t take long to reduce to rubble.

Check your facts, people!

This image pretty much sums up Arsenal’s season so far…

Khaled the Gooner: “I feel we don’t get enough praise from talkSPORT.”

Cundy: “But… you’re mid-table, Khaled.”

Khaled: “We’re mid-table at the moment but you can’t disagree with the fact we’ve got the third-best manager in the league – there’s no doubt about that. After Pep and Klopp…”

*Cundy laughing hysterically*

Khaled: “I don’t know why Jason’s laughing… why do you think Barcelona are in for him?”

Cundy: “Khaled, you can’t FACTUALLY say that, this is a league where you’ve got Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti…”

Khaled: “Jose’s a dinosaur, mate.”

Cundy: “That may be the case, but he’s a dinosaur with trophies hanging off his every limb!”

Khaled: “I’m sorry, mate, but what are you basing that on?”

Erm… history? Fact? Things that actually happened?

Arteta worked under Pep Guardiola at Man City, but is he really the third-best manager in the Premier League?
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Khaled: “Arteta came in last year and won us the FA Cup… he’s better than Jose and he’s a better manager than Ole. So Manchester United are second at the moment… but what’s Ole won? You don’t get a trophy for coming second.”

Cundy: “Khaled, you’ve lost more games than Brighton!”

Khaled: “But where are Brighton in the league? We’ve WON more games than Brighton. It’s a dead argument! We’ve won the same amount of games as Liverpool, so I can throw that one right back at you.”

Goldstein: “Sorry, sorry, no you haven’t – Liverpool have won 12 games, Arsenal have won 11. So you haven’t!”

Khaled: “Well, up until this weekend, then!”

Goldstein: “Khaled, I’ve got to be honest with you, I don’t know if you’re winding me up, but if you genuinely believe Arteta is the third-best manager in the Premier League, you might be the most stupid person I’ve ever spoken to in my life.”

And, as regular Sports Bar listeners would know, that’s saying something.

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