Watch when Tyson Fury’s father John Fury confronted Deontay Wilder in heated argument and had to be held back while shouting, ‘You can’t beat me’

Deontay Wilder was no doubt expecting fireworks with Tyson Fury when he travelled to Belfast for a scouting mission in August 2018.

The pair were on the verge of finalising a deal to meet in their first fight, and so the WBC champion took a trip to watch the ‘Gypsy King’ win his second comeback bout against Francesco Pianeta.

Fury and Wilder confirmed they would fight after Fury beat Pianeta

Wilder arrived just in time for the weigh-in, however he was instead unexpectedly confronted by Tyson’s father, John Fury.

The ‘Bronze Bomber’ shouted his famous ‘Bomb Squad’ catchphrase, only to be told to shut up by Fury Sr.

They then got into a heated clash where Wilder continued to shout ‘Bomb Squad’ in John’s face.

Fury responded by telling him, ‘You can’t beat me.’

The pair shouted in each others faces
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He had to be held back and pulled away by Tyson’s trainer Ben Davison to prevent the altercation becoming physical.

Tyson watched on from the scales, giggling, while his opponent Pianeta looked utterly bemused.

Remarkably, Wilder then went on to also clash with Billy Joe Saunders later that evening in a Belfast Nando’s.

Saunders and a couple of friends turned up at the same restaurant, so the middleweight champion headed over to greet the heavyweight, only for things to quickly take a dark turn.

John Fury had to be held back
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Wilder shook Saunders’ hand, but remembered Billy Joe had branded him a ‘racist c***’ in a recent interview.

The American previously made comments about Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua, saying Hearn was, ‘just another white man milking a black man,’ which provoked Saunders’ response.

As a result, Wilder asked Saunders: “What’s this comment you said about me? The one where you called me a racist c***?”

To which Billy Joe replied: “Yeah, I did yeah.”

Wilder then stood up and a confrontation ensued. A sauce bottle was smashed and it was alleged Saunders threw chicken in the direction of the heavyweight.

While the chicken-throwing allegation was unsubstantiated, the incident ultimately ended with Wilder’s entourage chasing Saunders down the stairs and out of the Nando’s, much to the shock of onlooking customers.

Some of the diners filmed the incident and it quickly went viral across social media platforms.

Therefore, the pair were brought together to shake hands and make up at Fury’s fight the following night.

Saunders joked: “He owes me £30 for my Nando’s because I didn’t get to eat it.”

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