How Fuel scarcity causes transport fare hike in Maiduguri

Transport fare in Maiduguri, the capital city of Borno State, has increased by 100 % as a result of fuel scarcity experienced in the state.

Commercial tricycle riders popularly known as Keke Napep, who used to charge N50 per trip are now charging N100.

The riders interviewed by this reporter attributed the sudden price hike to the difficulty in getting fuel over the past one week.

The situation got worse today as many fuel stations are seen closed, with the few once opened have long queue of vehicles.

Similarly, as of yesterday, black marketers sold a 4 litre gallon at the rate N1, 000.

Imran Muhammed said ‘last night, I bought 4litres at N1, 000 from black market, I wish things will get normal soon’

This reporter observed that streets across the city are deserted, with stranded passengers trekking.

Many public transport users were taking by surprise with this news.

Madam Ruth was stranded with her three kids while returning home, she explained.

‘This is unexpected, my transport money that I budgeted for today has been exhausted because of the price hike,’ she said.

According to Ruth, she had to call her family member to come and pick her.

During filing this report it is not clear what are the reasons for the fuel scarcity.

While the state is cut off from electricity almost a month now, the fuel scarcity puts people of the state in a greater difficulty.

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