Am a Nigerian, I deserve better. Unimaid Student Alarmed

Barick Ritarilla Ella I’m a Nigerian citizen and I deserve better. with great bitterness, bitterness enough to drained the Mississippi I’m sick and tired of been insecure in my country. Nigeria was not built or raised by one man, It wasn’t built for a particular clan or specific sentimental set of persons, why then do we allowed our government bet with our life’s? the theme of this administration to my knowledge is “CHANGE” yet we haven’t taken any chameleon step towards affectionalising those sydromatic tags of ours….. there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day, and to have a new and different sun, but to what extend can we appreciate this new sun of it keep destroying our crops? how can we embrace it when it hunts us all….? let me say this in a tone that I know better….. I pledge to Nigerian with all my strength, yet my strength was drained from being a good citizen. How can I be loyal and honest when you violets the ethics you set for me to follow ? a hypocritical government that loots our heart out with our boots.. Land termites. you damage our lands and no field left for us to farm .. harlots on the street with wagon clothes that can cover a village. we secure ourselves precarious and uncertain until we can incorporate into our common life. humanity of inequality. the labour of our heroes all wasted. Tafawa u were wasted, Awolowo they abuse you, Nmandi they curse you, Ahmadu Bello come back to life. if wishes were horses, I will raise the death… I will invade into the bode of these Corrupted looters, destroy their homes, avenge my future, and end their reign. but I’m just regular!! how can the Heeling of billions rest in the tip of cockroaches ? how can a termite lead the jungle filled with Lion and elephants? oh our forest has been invaded, we need to attack ! attack these ticks or they will suck us all wake up Nigeria.

Article By: Ella Barick Ritarilla.

Source: Zannah Mamman Waziri

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Micnaij Dilibe

Micnaij Dilibe

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