Operators Of Commercial Tricycle Banned In Imo State By Governor

According to a report on WhatsApp this evening, The government of Imo State has placed a ban on the operation of commercial tricycles in the state.

The ban is to stop the operators of tricycle (the most popular means of transportation in the state) from carrying out their business activities in Owerri, the capital of the state.

As A result of the ban, residents of Owerri who uses tricycle as their means of transportation are now experiencing difficulty in getting to their destinations on time.
Stranded commuters
Stranded commuters

Some of the residents who are victims of the ban has cried out to the state government to lift the ban.

The government, on the other hand, has disclosed that its decision on the ban is for the safety of residents of the state.

Quoting a female civil servant, who claimed she is being affected by the ban on the operation of tricycle in Owerri metropolis, “How can a government which claims to have the interest of the masses at heart ask the Keke operators to stay away from the roads? What do they want us to do? Where are the taxi cabs they said they had introduced to replace the Keke operators?”

Commuters now have to wait for about two to three hours before they get vehicles to convey them to their destinations.

Commenting on the new development, the Commissioner for Information, Prof. Nnamdi Obiareri, revealed that the state government is not going to lift the ban, noting that it is aimed at curbing criminal activities in the state.

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